Name: Tara Bell

Professional Title: Headteacher

Background: Tara studied BA Hons in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, and following a PGCE at Oxford University, later ​became a qualified Teacher of the Deaf. She has taught in mainstream and special schools before moving into leadership in special schools and alternative provision. As a school leader and consultant in special education Tara has worked with a range of organisations in developing curriculums, pedagogy and learning environments to engage and enable all learners. These include whole school wellbeing curriculums and enterprise programmes, real life learning projects ‘Enquiring Minds’ based on the High-Tech High model in California and excellence in SEN teaching (the first gifted and talented strategy applied in special schools). Finding a balance of how to ensure that the most vulnerable or disadvantaged young people attain high academic achievement or secure alternative pathways to success, while nurturing a love of learning and a love of life, is an ongoing project.

Name of organisation: Wandsworth Hospital Schools and Home Tuition Service

Status of organisation: Medical PRU

Area of the country: South West London

Description of your setting: Predominantly two hospital schools with a local authority service incorporating:

  •   St George’s University Hospital School serves 5 wards with 99 bed capacity.
  •   CAMHS Campus School for Tier 4 inpatients at Springfield University Hospital serves 3 wards with a 31-bed capacity including Acute Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, Adolescent Eating Disorders Unit and National Deaf CAMHS inpatient Ward.
  •   Outreach services including: Home Tuition (Medical & Statutory) and Reintegration Programme, Community Education, Wellbeing Intervention