The National Association for Hospital Education is an organisation that supports professionals working in hospital education. This could be within a hospital school, medical PRU, CAMHS inpatient unit or as part of an outreach service such as home tuition. In fact, anyone who works with children and young people who are unable to attend school due to physical and / or mental health difficulties.

NAHE has been formed by bringing together a number of organisations, which had previously worked closely, to support the education of children with medical needs. By joining together as one professional association we aim to act as a unified voice to ensure staff within our sector are well supported in delivering the very best education to every child under our care.

We want to represent the views of our sector at a national level, to liaise with key partners such as the Department for Education and OFSTED, to undertake research into ‘best practice’ for teaching and to provide bespoke continuing professional development opportunities for those who work in our sector.

We also see it as a place for brokering peer to peer support as we know that we need people who understand the challenges of our sector to support us in our school improvement work. It gives us the opportunity to identify and share good practice.

We listen carefully to our members, and what they want from the organisation so we really value any feedback or ideas.

Tier 4 Units United are part of NAHE.

You can find more about the history of the organisation here.