Welcome to the National Association for Hospital Education

Who are we?

The National Association for Hospital Education is an organisation that supports professionals working in hospital education. This could be within a hospital school, medical PRU, CAMHS inpatient unit or as part of an outreach service such as home tuition. In fact, anyone who works with children and young people who are unable to attend school due to physical and / or mental health difficulties.


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OUR Vision

To bring together educational professionals from a wide range of medical needs settings to form one organisation to ‘unify our voice’ and work together to improve educational outcomes for children with a medical need.

To raise the standards of education for children and young people who are disadvantaged by illness or other physical or mental health conditions.

To actively promote our children and young people’s entitlement to high quality educational opportunities.
To liaise with key partners such as the Department for Education and Ofsted and provide appropriate guidance and support for colleagues.

To influence government policy to inform and provide effective practice.
To undertake research into ‘best educational practice’ in our sector.

To work collaboratively with peers within our sector, to develop best practice and to offer support and challenge to ensure the highest possible standards are achieved.

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Registered address:
Willow Bank School
Simmins Crescent

For any enquiries please contact us by email: admin@nahe.org.uk