Name: James GibsonProfessional title: Executive Headteacher


I was a mainstream chemistry teacher for 11 years before I moved into the wonderful world of AP as an assistant head in a pupil referral unit, for permanently excluded pupils. I was soon promoted to deputy headteacher and had oversight of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum and Primary Inclusion. After 3 years in this post, I successfully applied for the post of Headteacher at Becton Hospital School in Sheffield. During the 3 years in this post, we have grown substantially and taken on a special school and also academised.

Name of organisation: Becton School

Status of organisation: Special Academy (Hospital School)

 Area of the country: Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Description of your organisation:

As weird as it is wonderful and as complex as it is caring. We have 4 different provisions delivered by  our school, including a 42 place Tier 4 CAMHS unit which has 4 different wards and cohorts. We also provide Sheffield’s medical outreach service for all pupils too ill to attend school, this involves a mixture of teaching in the home, online learning, use of AV1 and in centre provision. Furthermore, we teach all pupils in the Sheffield Children’s Hospital which involves teaching all age ranges, subjects and medical needs. Finally, we also have a two-site special school for pupils with ASD and associated mental health issues.